Commercial Property Damage

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My Commercial Property was damaged. What do I do?

Policy holders spend thousands of dollars a year to protect their commercial properties with commercial property insurance also known as property & casualty insurance coverage. However, many property owners are shocked when they finally make an insurance claim and it is under paid or denied.

Commercial Insurance policies are typically written in a way that that the average policyholder either does not understand it or causes them to give up trying to comprehend it.

How Tarnovsky Law can help!

Tarnovsky Law can help insureds hold their insurance carriers accountable for bad faith practices and work to ensure our clients are compensated for the harm sustained as a result of improper investigations, misrepresentations of coverage, unsatisfactory settlement offers, unreasonable denials, or undue delay.

Whether your claim has been underpaid, denied, or even delayed, our team is here to help.

Hurricane Damage

One of the most common, devastating, and unpredictable types of claims facing policyholders is hurricanes. A number of different types of events that cause damage to your home or business combine into one event. The strong winds, rain, storm surge, and flooding can all cause damage to your residential or commercial property.

Because many factors in a hurricane can be the basis for your property insurance claim complications can arise. Typically your claim will involve multiple policies including standard homeowners and flood insurance. During this process, complications can arise when one insurance company attempts to shift responsibility to the other.

Tarnovsky Law understands this complex process and can help you with your hurricane damage claim. 

Water Damage

One of the most common types of property insurance claims is for water damage. Most homeowners insurance policies do not cover certain water damage events. This could include flooding or sewage backup. However, there is still coverage for other water-related claims like a burst pipe or a one-time sudden accidental discharge. These water damage insurance claims typically involve both dwelling and personal property coverage.

We here at Tarnovsky Law have represented several policyholders with water damage insurance claims for both home and business owners.

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